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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Important ‪#‎formalwear‬ elements

Cummerbund was first adapted by British officers in India when they started wearing the accessory instead of a waistcoat. A broad waist-sash, it is worn usually with dinner jackets or tuxedos, and in recent times, it has become an essential part of black tie. While wearing it, one needs to be careful that the trousers should be worn around the level of the naval, and half the cummerbund needs to cover the shirt, while the other half, the trousers.

A form of necktie, it is best to match its colour with your cummerbund, if you are wearing one. However, black still rules and is the safest option when it comes to bowties.

Patent leather shoes
No black tie look is complete without patent leather shoes. These shiny shoes, with a glass like finish make your look seem fresh. While patent leather shoes are available in various colours, black is always the safest and a more classier option.

A smart pair of cufflinks can complete the look. Ideally, they need to be matched with a bowtie, however you can also contrast them with your shirt studs. At times, people also coordinate the cufflinks with their watch, belt buckle or even rings.

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