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Monday, 17 February 2014

From War to Fashion - Journey of Chinos

  • Chino cloth is a twill fabric, originally made of 100% cotton.
Chino cloth is twill weave
  • Developed in the latter half of the 1800's for British and French military uniforms. Chino fabric was made to be simple, hard-wearing and comfortable for soldiers to wear. The use of natural earth-tone colors also began the move towards camouflage. 
Chino cloth used for military purpose initially

Chino cloth suitable for creating camouflage

  • Later, migrated into civilian wear. The most common item made chino is trouser, widely called chinos
Most common use of chino cloth is for Chinos

  • Initially made up of 100% cotton, Chinos now comes in cotton blend also and in various design and colors. 
Chinos are now fashion.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Short Story of Shorts

A. Invention
During the Second World War there was a shortage of clothing in Bermuda, where British Army were present. Trousers were cut in length to overcome the shortage. It was later called Bermuda Shorts or Shorts.

Invention of Shorts in Bermuda
   B. Types of Shorts

1. Basic shorts - have no pockets or belt loops.

Basic Shorts

  2.  Walking shorts  - have pockets and belt loops.

Walking Shorts

3. Flat front shorts - formal shorts.

Flat Front Shorts

4.   Boxer Shorts - used as male underwear.

Boxer Shorts

5. Cargo shorts - Khaki Shorts with more than four pockets.

Cargo Shorts

6.   Cycling Shorts - Skin-tight worn by cyclists to reduce chafing.

Cycling Shorts

7.   Dolphin Shorts - An athletic Shorts, notable for visible binding of an contrasting color.

Dolphin Shorts

8. Hot pants - or "short shorts", they have an inseam length of 2 inches or less.

Short Shorts

9.  Skorts - Have a piece of fabric in front, creating the illusion of being a skirt from the front. 


10.  Zip-off Shorts - A pair of long pants that zip off at the knee to change from pants to shorts. 

Zip off or Convertible Shorts

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